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Sebbie Hall: Teen’s random acts of kindness raise £55k

A teenager has raised almost £55,000 by carrying out thousands of random acts of kindness each year.

Sebbie Hall started during the pandemic in March 2020 with a pledge to raise £1,000 and nearly three years on he continues to smash the target.

This year his deeds have included hand-delivering 52 teddies to orphans displaced from their homes in Ukraine.

“Kindness is my superpower,” said the 19-year-old who has learning and physical difficulties.

After seeing an article about children from orphanages in Dnipro, Ukraine, arriving in Scotland, Sebbie instantly wanted to help and “make them smile”.

With help from his mum Ashley Hall, 52, and sponsorships from a rail company and hotel, he was able to travel from his home in Lichfield, Staffordshire, to Edinburgh with the goal of spreading happiness.

“It was just the most joyful and heart-warming act of kindness,” Mrs Hall said.

The young philanthropist’s quest hasn’t stopped there. Throughout the year he has carried out good deeds every day, ranging from handing out lottery tickets to random strangers to providing products for food banks.

Despite living with a rare chromosome anomaly which has resulted in low muscle tone and speech problems, with support from his family he hasn’t let the condition stop him.

Last year he set up The Sebbie Hall Kindness Foundation. The aim is to help disabled and vulnerable people because he “doesn’t want anyone to feel lonely”.

His mum told the BBC: “After his diagnosis at one years old, we were told he would never walk, talk, sit up or understand anything.

“So for him, doing this is a positive story for other people who are faced with diversity or disability.

“He is the isolated lonely person that he is helping. He can’t read or write so can’t text or ring people, so the organisations that he is funding are to help others in a similar situation.

“You can make a difference every day in a little way, it doesn’t have to cost.”

As well has having supporters as far away as The Netherlands, celebrities including Ant and Dec, Catherine Tate and Games of Thrones actor Richard Brake have also supported the cause.

Brake, who portrayed the Ice King in the fantasy series, went on to become a patron of the foundation, alongside actor Eddie Marsan.

The Sebbie Teddy campaign was also launched this year to help spread the word and encourage other to join in with random acts of kindness.

“All his life people have had to help him because of his disabilities. Day-to-day life is hard but he gets the chance to do something for someone else,” Mrs Hall added.

His efforts were highlighted across the country after he won an accolade at the National Diversity Awards ceremony – where he struck up a friendship with Harvey Price.

The campaigner has also launched a three-year bursary to allow cash-strapped families to go the theatre.

This Christmas Eve, he plans to deliver 200 fleece-lined blankets to rough sleepers across the Midlands to help the Crisis charity.

“I want to make cold people warm,” he said.



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