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End of Financial Year Giving: Top 20 Charities in Canberra for Meaningful Donations

As the end of the financial year [EOFY] draws near, Canberra residents might consider contributing to local charitable organisations to maximise tax benefits while supporting impactful causes. Below is a guide to 20 diverse charities in Canberra that chillibeanmedia has put together. It includes a brief description of their missions and direct links to their websites for those interested in donating.


1. Lifeline Canberra

Lifeline Canberra provides vital 24/7 crisis support and suicide prevention services. Your donations support their crisis hotline and help train the volunteers who man it.

Website: Lifeline Canberra

2. Canberra RSPCA

This organisation works to protect, rescue, and treat abused, neglected and abandoned animals. Donations go toward shelter and healthcare for animals in need.

Website: RSPCA Canberra

3. The Smith Family

The Smith Family focuses on child education for disadvantaged Australian families, providing essential school supplies and educational programs.

Website: The Smith Family

4. Canberra Hospital Foundation

The foundation supports the Canberra Hospital by funding medical equipment, patient care facilities, and research.

Website: Canberra Hospital Foundation

5. ACT Wildlife

ACT Wildlife is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of injured, sick, and orphaned native wildlife.

Website: ACT Wildlife

6. Menslink

Menslink supports young men in Canberra through free counselling, mentoring, and educational programs.

Website: Menslink

7. Havelock Housing

Focused on providing affordable and supportive housing solutions, Havelock Housing helps those at risk of homelessness in the ACT.

Website: Havelock Housing

8. The Farm in Galong

This unique rehabilitation centre utilises farming and community living to aid individuals in recovering from addiction.

Website: The Farm in Galong

9. Marymead

Marymead offers a range of support services for children, young people, and families during critical periods of their lives.

Website: Marymead

10. Pegasus Riding for the Disabled

Pegasus provides therapeutic horse-riding programs that improve the physical and emotional well-being of people with disabilities.

Website: Pegasus RDA

11. St John Ambulance Australia (ACT)

St John Ambulance provides first aid training and services to enhance community health and safety across the ACT.

Website: St John Ambulance ACT

12. Canberra Refugee Support

Dedicated to assisting refugees and asylum seekers to integrate into the community, this charity provides support and advocacy.

Website: Canberra Refugee Support

13. OzHarvest Canberra

OzHarvest combats food waste and hunger by redistributing surplus food to those in need across Canberra.

Website: OzHarvest Canberra


GIVIT supports vulnerable populations by managing donations of goods, services, and funds, ensuring those who need help receive it efficiently.

Website: GIVIT

15. Canberra City Care

This charity provides practical support through food pantries, digital access programs, and low-cost support services to alleviate poverty.

Website: Canberra City Care

16. Red Cross Canberra

Part of the global Red Cross network, the Canberra branch aids in disaster relief, blood donations, and supports vulnerable community members.

Website: Red Cross Canberra

17. Running For Resilience

This organisation promotes mental health and resilience through physical activity, specifically running events that raise awareness and funds for mental health initiatives.

Website: Running For Resilience

18. Roundabout Canberra

Roundabout Canberra assists families in need by providing essential baby and children’s items for safe care and development. Website: Roundabout Canberra

19. Heart Foundation ACT

The Heart Foundation promotes heart health, supports heart disease research, and provides life-saving cardiac care in the ACT community.

Website: Heart Foundation ACT

20. PainAustralia

PainAustralia advocates for better pain management services across the country, supporting initiatives to improve the quality of life for people with chronic pain.

Website: PainAustralia

These charities represent a cross-section of causes—from healthcare and wildlife rescue to education and refugee support—offering Canberrans diverse opportunities to contribute to their community and gain tax benefits before the fiscal year ends.

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