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“Great Online Fundraising” Climbs to #1: An Insightful Chat with Author Carlos Aguilera

In today’s digitised world, nonprofits face the complex task of adapting their fundraising strategies to an ever-evolving online landscape. Enter Carlos Aguilera, not just an author, but also the CEO of chillibeanmedia Pty Ltd. Based in Canberra, chillibeanmedia is a renowned digital marketing and fundraising agency, boasting an impressive record of raising over $32 million for charities in just three years. Carlos now bestselling author of “Great Online Fundraising,” has crafted a solution that promises to revolutionise online charitable efforts. His book recently secured the top spot on Amazon’s Best-Seller list for Education Organisations & Institutions, and we caught up with him to gain a deeper understanding of the inspiration and aspirations behind this comprehensive guide.

The digital world is vast and, for many, intimidating,” Carlos began, reflecting on his motivation for writing the book. “I saw a genuine need for a step-by-step guide that not only provides nonprofits with strategies but also empowers them to implement change effectively. My goal was to bridge the knowledge gap, making online fundraising accessible to all.

Carlos Aguilera with his book: great online fundraising.

With his book: great online fundraising. Source: Instagram

Considering the outstanding achievements of his agency, it’s evident that Carlos understands the art of leveraging cutting-edge technology for fundraising. In an era where new tools and software emerge almost daily, his guide aims to assist nonprofits in harnessing these innovations to bolster their fundraising endeavours. “Innovation doesn’t wait. To stay relevant and make a meaningful impact, charities need to be one step ahead, anticipating changes and adapting quickly. That’s the power of understanding and embracing the latest technologies,” he noted.

photo from Carlos Aguilera's Instagram profile

“I am convinced that donors/supporters want to help solve a problem/injustice but don’t want to feel like they’re doing it alone.” – Carlos Aguilera. [@_caguilera]. Photo provided.

Social media, in Carlos’s view, is more than just a platform – it’s an opportunity. He elaborated, “Today’s social media platforms are the meeting points of the digital age, spaces of discourse and connection. We’ve seen firsthand at chillibeanmedia how the right strategy can turn passive scrolling into active support. Online is the perfect place to build passion…and donors want this and so do ‘not-yet’ donors.”

On the topic of email marketing, Carlos’s advice was clear: it’s about creating dialogue. “Every email is an opening to a conversation, an opportunity to build trust. In the book, I share techniques to craft such narratives, strategies we’ve implemented time and again at our agency.”

Carlos Aguilera with his best-selling book.

With his now best-selling book. Source: Instagram

Discussing online communities, Aguilera emphasized their potency. “An online community can be the bedrock of a movement. A strong, united community resonates powerfully, echoing the cause far and wide. It’s something we’ve nurtured for our clients and something I believe every charity can achieve.”

“Great Online Fundraising” is more than a guide – it’s a reflection of Carlos’s deep-rooted commitment to the cause. Drawing from the success stories and experiences at chillibeanmedia, Carlos offers a pathway for nonprofits to redefine their online fundraising strategies.

For those interested in pioneering their digital fundraising journey, “Great Online Fundraising” by Carlos Aguilera is available on Amazon.

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