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gvr. Revolutionises Charitable Giving With A Secure And Mobile-Friendly Approach

Canberra, Australia. 25 August, 2023 – Setting a new standard in the realm of charitable donations, chillibeanmedia Pty Ltd has launched gvr., an innovative platform designed to make the act of giving more straightforward and secure than ever before.

About chillibeanmedia Pty Ltd.

Before diving into the features and benefits of gvr., it’s worth noting the powerhouse behind it. chillibeanmedia is a digital marketing and technology firm known for creating user-centric solutions that solve real-world problems. “Our aim was to make a tangible impact in the charitable sector, by creating the easiest way to give to charity.” says Carlos Aguilera – Founder and CEO of chillibeanmedia Pty Ltd., “and with gvr., we believe we’ve created a platform that does just that.”

Revolutionary Features

gvr. distinguishes itself with its unique QR code system. Each charity receives a custom QR code that directs donors to a unique and specially crafted web app, complete with details about the charity and a seamless donation process.

“In today’s fast-paced environment, donors want easy. Our QR feature enables a direct link between a donor’s intention and action, and the charity or cause they want to impact.” elaborates Carlos Aguilera.

Technological Advancements and Security

Developed with state-of-the-art encryption technologies, gvr. places a premium on security. “We’ve implemented multiple layers of encryption to ensure each transaction is secure, safeguarding both the donor’s information and the charity’s financial data,” explains Carlos Aguilera.

The platform also offers broad payment options, from ApplePay and GooglePay to credit card payments, thereby not only increasing the ease of donating but also ensuring a secure transfer of funds.

The Ease of Registration and Immediate Fundraising

Charities can sign up for free and get started with fundraising immediately, with no setup fees or hidden costs. Once registered, they are equipped with a QR code ready for sharing and receiving donations.

Unbeatable Benefits for Charities and Donors

gvr. serves up a multitude of advantages. With in-depth reporting tools, charities can gather data on donor behaviour, facilitating a more personalised approach to donor relations. Moreover, the platform boasts a transparent and affordable pricing model: a flat fee of $0.15 per donation, regardless of the donation amount.

Donors enjoy the benefit of instant and convenient giving. “I pay with ApplePay on my phone for nearly all transactions and found the donation really easy.” states a first-time donor via gvr.

Funds in 72 Hours

Perhaps one of the most compelling features is the 72-hour fund transfer directly into the charity’s bank account, allowing for immediate use of the donations.

The Future of Charitable Giving

chillibeanmedia’s gvr. platform is a stellar example of how technology can reshape conventional practices for the better. As charitable giving takes a modern turn, gvr. is ahead of the curve, offering a secure, convenient, and highly efficient platform for both donors and charities.

For more information or to sign up, interested parties can visit gvr.’s official website.

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