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Kind Stranger Leaves £20 to Pay For Parking Fine

A woman said she was “overwhelmed” after a stranger left money on her car to help pay for a parking fine.

Selena Mills got a ticket from the machine in a car park in Mapperley Top, Nottingham, on Tuesday, which allowed her to stay free for two hours.

On her return, she found she had been fined £25 due to her ticket blowing over, but she also found £20 and a note saying “from one mum to another”.

After posting her thanks on Facebook, she tracked down the mystery donor.

‘Spread a bit of love’

The mother-of-two, of Bakersfield, Nottingham, said she thought the ticket might have blown over when she shut the door.

She said she had sobbed when she read the stranger’s note.

“I think she has restored my faith in humanity,” she said.

The 37-year-old, who is a deputy manager of two children’s care homes, said: “I felt really overwhelmed, happy, and my heart felt full.

“I just want to thank her for choosing me for an act of kindness. It had a big impact on my day.”

She said she would challenge the fine but regardless of whether she has to pay, she said she would “keep sharing the love” and make someone else’s day as happy as hers was.

She posted the tale on the Mapperley People Facebook page to say thank you, hoping the stranger would see it.

Sonia Robinson, of Arnold, spotted the post and confirmed it was her.

The mother-of-three said she had noticed Ms Mills get a ticket ahead of her but, after returning from the shops 20 minutes later, she spotted her fine.

She said: “I have been in that position myself and have contested it and got nowhere.

“I started to drive away but I thought no, I will make her day a bit better.”

The 44-year-old yoga teacher added: “Hopefully it can send the message that we can all spread a little bit of love.”

Original article. BBC. 24 Feb 2023


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